According To Google, This Is What The World Thinks About Nepal!!

So, I decided to ask Google what it thought of Nepal and its people. Google has autocomplete feature that allows its user to see the most searched query as they type along. Here’s what I found:

1. Started easy.

2. “How is Nepal doing?” — That means a lot. Thank You World!!

3. Really People?? Nepal is in what COUNTRY??

4. Yes. NO. Depends. Yes. HELL NO.

5. To be honest Google, No one knows. Why don’t you ask our Politicians?

6. Wait What??

7. Moving on to people. Forget about the first one, ARE WE REALLY BANNED FROM ARGENTINA?? ARE WE TOO GOOD LOOKING FOR ARGENTINA??

8. We are Short, Beautiful and Strong. I don’t understand the other words. Are they even english?

9. We do what we want! Even speak english.

10. Ummmmm…. let us not brag guys. *blushes*

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