5 similarities between Prachanda and Donald Trump.

1. Both Were Not Interested In Running For Government Office At First.

Prachanda was leading a so called “People’s Revolution” that was, at first, not intended to lead to any government position. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was producing and hosting his own TV show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Both were far away from doing anything productive to their country.



2. Both of them are in love the word “FIRE.”

Donald Trump is well known for saying “You are FIRE’d” while dismissing contestants in his TV show, while Prachanda is known for actually Firing at innocent people.


3. Money, All About Money!!

Both are known for lying about their money. Trump says he has way more money than he actually has. Prachanda says that he is just a civil servant that lives a modest life, even though EVERYONE knows thats FALSE.


4. Both believe dividing country in basis of race/caste/religion will bring peace.


This is the most important and dangerous similarity between the two. Prachanda is known to have supported the caste wise division, and Donald trump came to everyone attention when he said that he would ban Muslims from coming to America.


5. Most people in both the countries HATE them, absolutely HATE them!


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